New framework for student complaints

A new suite of policies and procedures has been implemented at Flinders to provide simpler and more efficient management of student complaints and appeals.

The new policies and procedures can be viewed via the Flinders University Policy Library.

This update follows a business improvement project undertaken last year by Flinders’ Student Administration Services in collaboration with the IDS Business Improvement team to improve the lodging and tracking of student complaints and appeals.

Phase 1 of the project went live in January 2019, with the launch of an updated Student Complaints and Appeals webpage. The new site provides clear information and guidance to students, including a single point to lodge a formal complaint, request for review, or appeal through an online webform.

Phase 2 of the project will be rolled out subsequently and will include training sessions for staff on managing complaints, together with the implementation of a case management system for tracking complaints and appeals.

Please email the Student Policy and Integrity Services Team if you have any questions about the new framework or related processes.

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