Sharing precious resources

Delegates from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology visited South Australia last week as guests of the South Australian government, on a quest to find new ways to collaborate and share expert knowledge in water management.

As the driest state on the driest inhabited continent in the world, South Australia has experience in water management and is increasingly sharing its expertise with other jurisdictions, for the purpose of helping others resolve their challenges, and also to further our own knowledge and technology.

Delegates included several accomplished researchers and leaders in water care, including Professor G H Chen, who pioneered the invention and development of a novel biological sewage treatment process.

The group visited various sites around the state over the three-day initiative, including Flinders University at Victoria Square, where they were briefed on the University’s research and education in water and discussed opportunities for cooperation. They also visited the Oaklands Park Wetlands Project, touring the Oaklands Park Stormwater Harvesting and Managed Aquifer Recharge Project, joined by Flinders’ Professor Howard Fallowfield.

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