Lighting the way for potential students

Staff interested in keeping up to speed with what’s happening in Flinders’ domestic student recruitment space are invited to subscribe to The Office of Student Recruitment (OSR) bulletin.

OSR undertakes a variety of activities with school, TAFE or VET students, adults and current Flinders students, to familiarise them with undergraduate and postgraduate study options that are available at Flinders. Activities include presentations, events on campus and at schools, participation in a variety of expos, email marketing campaigns, campus visits, webinars and a range of conversion activities.

Through these activities, future students learn about what Flinders has to offer academically and in all aspects of student experience.

Advice on courses, entry requirements and pathways is provided, together with support for prospective students to enable them to select the ideal degree for them.

To keep informed on activities and updates, subscribe to the OSR bulletin online, or contact the Prospective Students Team on 8201 5322 for more information.

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