Statistical support

Two library initiatives are extending staff and student access to statistical software.

Remote access to IBM SPSS

In addition to 24/7 access to IBM SPSS on campus, undergraduate students can now also access this software from private devices through Citrix VirtualApps, which allows remote access from the University servers. Details on how to use VirtualApps are available through the staff portal.

Specialised software

The specialised statistical software initiative aims to give staff and HDR students access to statistical packages beyond what is centrally available through IBM SPSS, AMOS or R. It is particularly useful when software may be needed for only a short time and purchase is not cost-effective. A stand-alone computer can be booked for staff and students in HDR central to work with any of the below programs:

  • Comprehensive Meta-Analysis v3 (CMA) – a very robust and user-friendly software for performing a meta-analysis
  • ConQuest 4 – a computer program for fitting various item response models
  • EViews 10 – software primarily dedicated to time-series oriented analysis
  • Mplus 8 (Base Program and Combination Add-On) – specialised software for structural equation modelling and multilevel modelling
  • NCSS 12 – a general statistical package but outperforming IBM SPSS in diagnostic tests, agreement evaluation, quality control, zero-inflated regressions
  • PRIMER-7 and PERMANOVA+ – leading software for multivariate statistics with a strong following in the biological sciences
  • Stata 15 SE – a very good general statistical package with a strong following in the health sciences.

Any enquiries about either of these initiatives can be directed to Pawel Skuza.

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