Science to the masses

Australia is in the midst of the annual Pint of Science Australia festival and Flinders University researchers feature heavily on the gig list, delivering exciting presentations across Adelaide pubs this week.

Held over 20 to 22 May this year, the annual festival aims to grow community understanding and appreciation for science, combat inequity and negative stereotypes, foster cross-discipline collaborations, and celebrate excellence in Australian science. The initiative is part of the broader international festival, a global celebration of science that reaches across the world.

The talks on some of the latest science research are accessible to all and attract a token entry fee to register a place.

  • Dr Alice Gorman has already delivered her talk, The archaeology of Apollo 11, to a sold-out audience. As has Dr Madelé van Dyk with How well do you know yourself?
  • Professor Karen Burke Da Silva will present tonight on Saving Nemo at the Rob Roy Hotel.
  • Dr Ivanka Prichard and Dr Cedric Bardy will also present their Mind your Mind talks tonight, in a sold-out event at the Wheatsheaf Hotel.
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