Reducing trauma and burnout seminar

A two-hour staff workshop will explore the ‘cost of caring’, providing information and skills to support people working in roles that expose them to secondary trauma.

The session will provide information, skills and self-care processes and tools to support professionals working in jobs that can expose them to secondary trauma. Key concepts of occupational stress, burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma will be defined, together with a discussion on early warning signs, symptoms and observable behaviours associated with these conditions.

Personal and organisational strategies for minimising the impact of occupational trauma will be reviewed, including the development of an individualised self-care plan.

Delivered by external provider Human Psychology, the seminar emphasises the importance of taking care of ourselves, and reflecting on the personal reasons of why we do what we do.

This seminar forms part of the University’s Health and Wellbeing program of events for staff.

Event details

When: Monday 19 August 2019 10am -12 noon

Where: Health Sciences Lecture Theatre Complex 1.01 Lecture Theatre

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