Donors pump up Flinders’ community reputation

The Red Cross visited Flinders to award the University team top honours in South Australia for the 2019 Tertiary Blood Challenge – proving Flinders again to be the most generous university community in the state for blood donation.

The Flinders Red25 team donated blood 559 times in 2019 and introduced 74 people as new blood donors during the Tertiary Blood Challenge, which ran from 1 March to 31 May 2019. The highest in SA and the NT, the high-achieving team was 10th nationally out of 82 participating universities.

Last year the Flinders team also took out top for SA, with 452 donations – an impressive result but significantly less than this year’s stellar outcome.

So far for 2019 the Flinders community has donated blood 1,431 times. Every blood donation can save three lives, meaning team Flinders has together helped 4,293 others in urgent need this year alone.

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