Tribute to David Agnew

Former staff member David Agnew passed away last week, a valued member of the University community over two separate stints in the late 1960’s /early 70s, and in the later stages of his career.

Mr Agnew commenced his connection to Flinders in the Student Union Office (1967-1974), where he worked under the supervision of Alan Mitchell, namesake of the University’s Alan Mitchell Sports Centre.

He married Alan Mitchell’s daughter Marnie, and their three daughters Sarah, Deb and Bec are all Flinders graduates. Daughter Dr Deb Agnew currently holds an academic role in the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work.

Following a period of time working in Wagga Wagga, Mr Agnew returned to Flinders in 2000.

He provided accounting and business support to the Flinders Human Behaviour and Health Research Unit, at that time a fledgling group, and stayed with the University in various roles until his retirement in 2011.

Mr Agnew’s family say he was known for his jovial manner and his sparring over the telephone with many in the University’s administrative departments. His friends included people across the University, including Medicine, Humanities, and Science and Engineering.

A funeral service was held on 30 September at the Blackwood Uniting Church.

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