New incentive to get exercising

An innovative new partnership between Flinders University Sport & Fitness and the College of Nursing & Health Sciences is offering staff and students the opportunity to get healthier by getting active.

The Revitalise Program is a 12-week health and fitness program which includes initial and final assessments, and individual training regimes conducted under the supervision of Exercise Sports Science students for 10 weeks.

The program has already produced great results. Tom joined the Revitalise Program weighting 94.2kg, having little strength, a very basic knowledge of workout routines and no knowledge of his appropriate form.

“At the end of the program, my weight went down to 86.5 kg, but I learned that weight does not even remotely tell the whole story,” says Tom. “I could not recommend this program highly enough because it gave me the foundation to succeed and pushed me beyond what I would have ever thought possible. My mental health is at a new high, and once again I have regained the positive outlook on life that I had been yearning.”

On health measures, an average participant in the Revitalise Program lost 1.6% body fat and improved their blood pressure by 3%.

For fitness measures, participants on average improved their aerobic capacity by 8.4%, increased upper body strength by 6.7% (improving their push-ups by more than 82%!) and increased core endurance by 116%.

Costs for students are $28.90 per week for 12 weeks (plus $5.50 administration fee) or $300 upfront. Staff and others pay $31.80 per week for 12 weeks plus admin fee, or $337 upfront.

Flinders eligibility criteria is required. For bookings and information please email

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