Sleep treatment at home, for free

Staff and students at Flinders University who are experiencing sleep problems can currently access free telehealth sessions through the Child and Adolescent Sleep Clinic at the University.

This service is publicly funded and assists people of all ages, providing they have a Mental Health Care Plan obtained through their General Practitioner.

Anxiety and other mental health issues impact on sleep quality, and poor sleep in turn increases the severity of mental health concerns, potentially creating a a debilitating cycle for those affected.

In the current climate of disruption and uncertainty it is particularly important that people are proactive about their mental health and wellbeing, and those with concerns take steps to manage their stress and address any contributing factors.

Professor Michael Gradisar developed the clinic in 2006, and leads a team of psychologists specialising in treating sleep problems – from as young as 6-months old to adults. Professor Gradisar has worked in the area of sleep and insomnia since 1998 and is considered a world expert in treating young people’s sleep.

Find out more or book an appointment via the clinic website, noting that at this time telehealth consultations are completely free of charge to patients with a Mental Health Treatment Plan.

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