Call for action to address family violence

Concerns about the dangerous potential for increased domestic violence during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are being addressed during National Families Week by Flinders University’s SWIRLS social work and psychology experts.

The Emerging Minds website has presented a series of podcasts that provide information about such issues as appropriate principles and practices that keep children’s needs at the forefront when working with families where there is violence.

In the latest podcast, Professor Sarah Wendt interviews Dr Carmela Bastian, both from SWIRLS, about child-centred practice in situations of family and domestic violence. Dr Bastian draws on more than 20 years of experience as a practitioner and academic in the fields of child protection and human services to illuminate approaches that can help to navigate this complex space.

Listen to the podcast on the Emerging Minds website.

The Emerging Mind website also contains important podcasts on Family Violence and Child-Aware Practice Part 1 and Part 2: that feature Aerinn Morgan, Joanne Allen, Philip Martin, Sarah Wendt and Megan Hughes. These are also available through Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Interest in domestic violence issues has escalated in recent weeks, especially after the release of  major public letter – signed by Flinders University Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling among 76 prominent South Australians – that calls for the entire community to show greater vigilance in taking action to prevent domestic violence.

The open letter was penned by Our Watch founding chairwoman and former federal Democrats Leader Natasha Stott-Despoja, and the signatories pledged their support within 48 hours of her completing its first draft. She said “The letter is intended as a gentle but heartfelt reminder that we can all be good bystanders, that we can all look out for each other, especially in such stressful and tough times.”

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