Learn to build your media profile

To engage strategically with the media is a certain way to boost your profile as a researcher – with recent analysis proving that papers which are tweeted accumulated four times more citations compared to non-tweeted papers over a year, highlighting the importance of social media activity and part of a considered media engagement strategy.

To help unravel the best ways to interact and engage with the media, Flinders University’s  Media and Communications unit from the Office of Communication, Marketing and Engagement, together with Research Development and Support, is presenting a special  “How to build a media profile in research” interactive webinar.

This 90-minute instruction session –  which is ideal for Early-Career, Mid-Career and Established researchers , along with research support staff – is being presented from 9.30am to 11am on Thursday 2 July.

In this session, OCME media advisers Yaz Dedovic, Tania Bawden and David Sly will explore the necessary steps to build and maintain a strong profile and reputation in the media, including:

  • Differentiating yourself
  • Content development
  • Building relationships
  • Establishing regular media appearances
  • Seizing strategic opportunities
  • Utilising social media to build profile
  • Expert guides
  • Leveraging the media team

Please note that this session will be an interactive webinar delivered via MS Teams software. All registrants will receive the MS Teams meeting link in a calendar invitation prior to the session.

Details explaining how to enrol for this week’s webinar are located on the iEnrol website.

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