Support to maximise mental health

An online course to help people understand their physical and mental health and also recognise stress in others, is being offered free of charge – complete with a practical tool-kit to take action now.

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the way we live and Adelaide psychology practice Human Psychology has created a course to help people manage in these challenging and uncertain times. The course is delivered by psychologist Samantha Young who heads up Human Psychology, a provider of services to individuals and workplaces which has delivered seminars for Flinders under the University’s Health and Wellbeing Program.

This program will help individuals to understand and monitor their own physical and mental health and to recognise the signs of stress in self, colleagues and loved ones. It then provides a practical tool-kit that can be applied immediately to design a personalised wellbeing and mental health plan.

To begin the course simply visit the website and scroll to the first module, selecting the first lesson.

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