Science Week heralds inspiring new podcast

A podcast series created by Dr Stephanie Champion and Dr Tamara Agnew aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and researchers, featuring interviews with speakers from academia, industry and science communication opening up about their time as PhD candidates, their work and their plans for the future.

Driven by the desire to understand the world outside of their own own bubbles, Dr Champion and Dr Agnew established the Career Sessions podcast as a valuable and authentic careers resource – for school teachers, university lecturers, student support services or anyone interested in hearing about other people’s fascinating stories.

Launching on 24 August, the first series will feature interviews with 12 extraordinary people including:

  • Professor John Coveney, Professor of Global Food, Culture and Health at Flinders University
  • Deputy Leader of the South Australian Labour Party, Dr Susan Close
  • Program Manager at Inspiring South Australia, Dr Sheryn Pitman
  • Managing Director of the Australian Wine Research Institute, Dr Mark Krstic
  • Young Tall Poppy of the Year recipient, Dr Cameron Shearer

By inviting speakers from diverse fields, the hosts aims to showcase the wide variety of opportunities for researchers once they have completed their PhD. The first series of Career Sessions is supported by Inspiring South Australia, and is available on usual podcast platforms.

For other Flinders University National Science Week events refer to this news blog, or check out the National Science Week website for events from around Australia.

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