Teach your brain to focus

A free workshop being presented by Flinders’ New Venture Institute is aimed at helping entrepreneurs learn to control their ability to focus.

“Better Focus, Higher Output: Simple brain hacks that Work”, will be presented at 12 noon on Wednesday 30 September.

This Feed Your Brain session will help attendees understand how the mind works, so that they can take control and focus on the things that matter most.

The session will be presented by Michael Place, a mindset coach from the Mindfulness Advantage who consults with NFP executives and startup founders throughout Australia, and Bek Smith, an expert in wellbeing and psychological health from SAHMRI’s Wellbeing and Resilience Centre.

They will be offering instruction on simple ways to increase your focus, identify easy ways to avoid distractions and efficient ways to avoid procrastinating.

This is a hybrid online and in-person event – and tickets can be booked online here.

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