Campus works update

Many building works are now underway across the campus. Works are scheduled to minimise disruption where possible.

With the completion of the academic year there’s an increase in building activities as we enhance and repair our spaces ready for 2021.

Safety switch testing

From Monday 4 January to Friday 8 January, we’re undertaking our mandatory six monthly safety switch testing across Bedford Park to maintain the electrical network and ensure compliance with relevant safety standards. These works are scheduled for January and July each year and where possible, we undertake the testing out of business hours.

There’ll be a brief power outage associated with the testing and this will affect most power and lighting circuits but won’t affect the lifts. Please shut down all electrical equipment prior to these times. The detailed schedule for each building is available below for your information.

We’ll be working with stakeholders in areas where we know there are specialised and sensitive electrical equipment, but if you have any specific requirements or any schedule clashes (like events or activities during these times) please let us know by emailing or call 8201 2733 and we’ll work around them where possible. Thanks for your understanding as we complete this essential safety work.

Dates, locations and approximate times

Monday 4 January
Aquaculture, PC2 building, Glasshouses, Animal House 3 – 6pm
Biology building 6pm – midnight

Tuesday 5 January
Physical Sciences levels 0 and 1 6pm – midnight

Wednesday 6 January
Flinders Living, Hall and Community Centre 9am – 5pm
Physical Sciences levels 2 and 3 (several labs may need special timing arrangements) 6pm – midnight

Thursday 7 January
Flinders Living townhouses/ Village 9am – 5pm
Discovery building and Flinders Child Care 6pm – midnight

Friday 8 January Earth Sciences and Engineering 6pm – midnight

Temporary closure of car park 4

From 4 January, car park 4 will be temporarily closed as we undertake resurfacing works. Please use nearby car parks 2 and 5 as an alternative during this time.
Thanks for your patience as we work to improve this car park, ready to reopen in mid-February.

Garden bed – Northern Plaza

We are rejuvenating the garden bed opposite Grind and Press on Friday 18 December. A secure work zone will be set up around the area while the landscaping is underway.

Sturt projects

There are many projects in progress right across Sturt including works to build a bus shelter in car park 13, works in the Sturt Library and room S210, Nursing Simulation Labs, retaining wall repairs on Sturt Creek and the ASMS is undertaking some cladding removal.
With so many projects underway, please follow all directional and safety signage as you move these areas and take additional care, particularly when workers are on site.

Sturt North lift – flooring replacement

We are working from 14 – 18 December to replace the floor coverings in the lift and there will be a minor lift outage associated with the works. The other lifts in Sturt remain in service. If you require any access assistance please contact Security on 8201 2880.

Oasis Function Centre

The Oasis Function Centre will be temporarily closed for essential electrical work from 5.30am Saturday 19 December – to 5pm on Sunday 20 December.

Roof works Matthew Flinders Theatre

A temporary scaffold is in place as roof works are undertaken on the Matthew Flinders Theatre. Please make sure you follow all directional and safety signage in this area.

Please be aware there will be some noise associated with the roof works throughout the project, with completion in February 2020.

Stairs past Health Sciences

We’re undertaking some access and safety works on the stairs that lead past the Health Sciences and Health Science Lecture Theatre buildings. While the works occur, please use the internal access through these buildings. The stairs will be open again from 23 December 2020. If you require access assistance, please call Security on 8201 2880.

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