Partnerships support innovative research

The latest Flinders University Innovation Partnership Seed Grant round features a number of exciting research projects aiming to bring new products and services to reality.

Professor David Lewis (College of Science and Engineering) will lead further research taking ‘Fundamental approaches to broaden the storage range for a novel blood warmer‘ with partner QBE.

Professor Jamie Quinton‘s team will look at ‘Understanding the influence of processing on the material properties and corrosion performance of cold-spray 3D printed materials for defence applications’ – with partners at CDU and Defence.

Sleep researcher Dr Hannah Scott in the College of Medicine and Public Health will receive funding from commercial partner Compumedics in a project ‘Measuring sleep and circadian rhythms from the forehead: Validation of the Somfit Device.’

Professor Wei Zhang, from the Centre of Marine Bioproducts Development, is partnering with  long-running collaborator Australian Kelp Products Pty Ltd in a ‘Scoping study for developing vegan friendly functional foods and ingredients for global market from South Australian seaweeds.’

Associate Professor Munish Puri will collaborate with Nourish Ingredients PL on ‘Sustainable production of single cell oil rich in Arachidonic acid’ to assist the Australian food industry to deliver a safe, sustainable and competitive supply of nutritive vegan food in the global health market.

Dr Kate Seymour and Social Work Innovation Research Living Space (SWIRLS) colleagues will investigate ‘Developing an innovative response to domestic and family violence: Accommodating perpetrators as a strategy for change’ with partners at OARS Community Transitions.

In the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Associate Professor Stacey George‘s team is looking at ‘Improving outcomes for patients experiencing long waiting time on Specialist Outpatient Department clinics through redesign’ with support from the SA Health  Allied Health and Scientific Office (ASHO).

And Dr Deidre Morgan is ‘Mapping community palliative care patients’ assistive equipment needs and the impact of NDIS, MAC and APER on occupational therapy interventions to optimise function’ with the ASHO, SA Health.


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