New international pathways next year

Flinders University is embarking upon a new international pathways model in 2021.

Vice President and Pro Vice-Chancellor International, Sebastian Raneskold says it follows an extraordinary year of challenge to higher education globally, including the pandemic-related closure of the Australian border which has limited the ability of international students to arrive and study in Australia.

As a result, student numbers at Flinders International Study Centre (FISC) have declined, and that is expected to continue into 2021 as COVID-19 restrictions continue.

It means there is less opportunity for students to engage in a rich, collaborative environment, potentially lessening their positive student experience.

FISC provider Study Group Australia has reached a mutual agreement with Flinders University that it is in the best interest of the students to conclude teaching at FISC from June 2021.

Mr Raneskold says the six-month transition phase presents an opportunity for Flinders to re-imagine our student pathways provision in readiness for the recovery from the pandemic, with a vision to create a non-exclusive multi-provider pathways environment to better meet individual student needs.

In acknowledging the commitment from FISC staff over the years in maintaining a rich and valuable learning experience to prepare students well for their studies at Flinders, Mr Raneskold says it is important to note this is a commercial decision and not a reflection on the performance or dedication of FISC staff.

Mr Raneskold says Flinders is committed to supporting our students and ensuring they can achieve their aspirations. Study Group Australia has completed a detailed analysis of each student’s program and will work with them to develop an individual plan to support their successful transition to a provider and course that is best suited for them.







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