Comment welcome on Foreign Interactions Policy draft

In response to guidelines on countering foreign interference in the university sector, jointly developed by the Australian Government and Australian universities, Flinders University has drafted a new Foreign Interactions Policy – and this draft is now available online for viewing and comment.

The draft has been developed articulating how the University assesses and manages risks associated with its foreign interactions, in response to the guidelines.

The policy requires that anyone engaging in any activity or partnership on behalf of or with a foreign government, foreign university, foreign business or any other foreign organisation or entity as part of their University business must evaluate the proposed activity or partnership for the risk of foreign interference, foreign influence and/or statutory reporting or regulatory obligations.

The policy will also support compliance with a number of legislative obligations relevant to the University’s foreign interactions, more information on which can be found at a new Foreign interactions webpage.

The webpage includes information on due diligence requirements and reporting obligations required under legislation.

Staff are invited to visit the webpage and comment on the draft new policy by emailing feedback to by Friday, 16 April 2021.

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