Spotlight on research for World Environment Day

World Environment Day provides a reminder about purpose and passion for Flinders University’s CASPR group. Since its inception in 2019, the Climate and Sustainability Policy Research (CASPR) Group at Flinders has turned its passion for the environment and research into evidence-based guidance for government agencies to improve environmental policy.

Led by Associate Professor Cassandra Star (College of Business, Government and Law), the CASPR Group at Flinders University is a multidisciplinary research team with research leads in the College of HASS and associates across the University. CASPR works with stakeholders to co-design strategies for effective environmental policymaking promoting whole-of-government coordination and cooperation to address the contentious problems of climate change and sustainability.

Environmental issues are often complex and uncertain, and effective solutions need to incorporate multiple government agencies or levels (Federal, state and local).  “We bring together policymakers from across agencies in collaborative ways to promote learning from each other, coordination, sharing of knowledge, and maximise the impact of research evidence and to identify best practice approaches to policy solutions,” says Dr Star.

The focus of CASPR’s work is applied to governance practices, aiming to improve policy and planning for sustainability. “Our work aims to benefit impacted communities and environments by developing robust and evidence-based policy in collaboration with policymakers across government,” says Dr Star. The current research projects that CASPR is conducting includes work for local, state and federal agencies to improve climate adaptation policy and planning, as well as disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

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