SA Chief Scientist promotes Best of the Best

Best of the Best is a monthly STEM awareness initiative from the Office of the Chief Scientist SA – and Flinders University has already featured prominently with key researchers Professors Corey Bradshaw, Bogda Koczwara and Mike Kyrios having their research papers highlighted.

This new campaign, delivered via the Department for Innovation and Skills SA, has been introduced to regularly promote SA’s best STEM research papers published in 2021. These papers can be published at any time during 2021 (noting that the majority of the research should have been conducted in SA). A book chapter or peer-reviewed conference proceedings can also be submitted instead of a traditional research publication.

So, if you have a great paper you’ve recently published, email your publication with a sentence on the impact this paper has in your field to at any time. Each month, the DVC:R will select the most outstanding paper from Flinders for the Chief Scientist’s consideration.

You can catch up on all the chosen Best of the Best papers by following #stateofscience.

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