Connecting education to a national audience

With Flinders University being a Platinum subscriber to Media Centre for Education Research Australia, the University’s education researchers are able to access a full range of MCERA services, including its media release service to help connect research outcomes to the widest possible national education audience.

MCERA Chief Executive Dr Shannon Schedlich explains that the independent media centre connects with a national network of education journalists to promote the best education research for mainstream media uptake.

It pays to be prepared early – so if you have a paper under consideration for publication at present that you believe may be of interest to the media, and would like to discuss how MCERA might be able to help you promote it, please contact with your request. An MCERA media officer will be in touch to discuss what help can be provided, and work with you to ensure your research is properly explained in a way that will engage with the media.

If you haven’t worked much with the media before, and are feeling a bit nervous, MCERA staff can provide at-your-elbow support to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the process. To find out more, visit the MCERA website.

Flinders researchers can also obtain expansive media support from the Flinders University media team, which helps researchers connect their work to all media outlets – in print, television, radio and online mediums. To obtain assistance or advice regarding media matters, email for more details.

As one of a continuing series of media training sessions, Social Media for Researchers is a webinar on Wednesday 28 July at 10am that will be presented by Karen Ashford, Flinders University’s Director of Media and Communications, who will give an overview of different social media platforms and discuss how to harness social media to promote your research. The session will also investigate how to effectively engage with audiences to build an following as well as using social media for research impact. Enrolling to participate in this session can now be done online through iEnrol. 

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