Campus updates

We’re working to enhance and maintain the spaces across our campuses, so please be aware of the upcoming works happening around Flinders University.

Change to concierge times 

As we continue to review the efficiency of our concierge service – and to better align our presence with the University’s core hours of operation – the concierge desks across the Professional Services Building, Tonsley and Victoria Square will be open to assist staff, students and visitors between 8.30am and 4.30pm.  These slightly adjusted hours will commence from 1 September (previous operations ran from 8am-4pm).

Signage will be placed at each desk to clearly outline the change of time and how to contact someone for help when the desk is unattended.

Should you require assistance between 4.30pm and 5pm, please contact the customer service team on 8201 2733. If there’s an occasion where you require a staff member to be at the desk outside of the new hours, please notify the customer service team via Service One.

This service will be regularly reviewed and your feedback is welcome via Service One at any time.

Upcoming oval irrigation works 

A new irrigation system will be installed by Blubuilt contractors on the upper and lower ovals from 12 September until mid-to-late October. This will involve trenching across the ovals to install irrigation piping. As these trenches will be dug and refilled each day, there will be regular disturbance to the surfaces of the ovals and undulation as the turf resettles.

Please note that the Pavilion sitting between these ovals will be inaccessible during this time.

Flinders sporting clubs and regular oval users have been made aware of these works and can provide sports participants with further information about any alternative sports arrangements in place during this time.

Following the completion of these works, the cricket pitch will be restored ahead of the summer season.

We ask that you follow any directional signage placed at the sites and suggest you take an alternative route around the ovals during this time.


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