Celebrating success

Professor Melissa de Zwart chats all things space with global leaders, while other recent successes include the announcement of new Fellows and global recognition for an Emeritus Professor.

An out-of-this-world panel appearance

Professor Melissa de Zwart with James Brown, CEO Space Industry Association of Australia (left) and Mike Goldman, United States Charge D’Affairs

Deputy Chair of the Space Industry Association of Australia and Flinders University Professor of Digital Technology, Security and Governance Melissa de Zwart is currently in Canberra at the Southern Space Symposium.

Yesterday, Professor de Zwart chaired a panel on the Australian and American Space partnership which was held at the National Press Club. She was joined on the panel by Enrico Palermo, Head of the Australian Space Agency, and Mike Goldman, United States Charge D’Affairs.

The panel discussed the space partnership between the two nations and detailed how Australia will assist NASA with sending a Rover vehicle to the moon. There was also discussion about Australian launch opportunities, and how US President Joe Biden’s budget for space will allow for more engagement and co-operation.

Professor de Zwart will also join a panel of experts today to discuss managing the challenge of mega-constellations.

Fellows aplenty at Flinders

Professor Heather Burke

Historical archaeologist Professor Heather Burke, from the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, has been elected as Fellow to the Australian Academy of Humanities for 2021. In receiving the highest honour for achievements and contributions to the humanities in Australia, Professor Burke has been recognised for her work into the construction of class and status through material culture, the archaeology of cross-cultural engagement and the links between cultural heritage, memory and contemporary social identity. 

Professor Trish Williams

Professor Trish Williams, from the College of Science and Engineering, has been elected as a Fellow to the Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE). Professor Williams has been recognised for her ongoing commitment and passion to improving healthcare through technology. She led a project to develop a benchmark for hospitals to evaluate their digital infrastructure – which has now become an international standard.

Professor Williams has also been named as one of the inaugural 2021 Brilliant Women in Digital Health, an award initiative that recognises and celebrates women in digital health for their outstanding achievements, while raising awareness about opportunities in the sector and inspiring others to follow their lead.

Emeritus Professor wins global accolade

Emeritus Professor Iain Hay

The 2021 Geoethics Medal of the International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG) has been awarded to Emeritus Professor Iain Hay, for his tireless work to “overcome injustice through practical and conceptual means and has led international professional development initiatives on ethics in geography; shaped geographical organisations’ codes of ethics; and developed influential educational resources on ethics”.

The Geoethics Medal is awarded to international scientists who have distinguished themselves in applying/favouring/assuring ethical approaches in the geoscience research and practice. Congratulations Emeritus Professor Hay on this outstanding global recognition. The full citation is available here.

Putting a spotlight on inspirational women in surgery

The World Journal of Surgery, the official journal of the International Surgical Society, is embarking on a special series to acknowledge the extraordinary accomplishments of surgeons who are women, in clinical practice, education, advocacy, and research.

Initiated by Dr George Savio Berreto, WJS Editorial Board Member, surgeon and Senior Lecturer in Medicine in the College of Medicine and Public Health, the campaign will featured biographies of women who, through courage, dedication and determination, have helped to advance the field of surgery, despite facing adversity and persistent inequities.

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