Safety switchs undergo testing in the new year

Compliance testing of safety switches (also called RCDs) will start across the main campus on 4 January 2022.

This will involve ensuring that all switches are operating correctly and comply with relevant safety standards. Note that in completing these tests there will be very brief localised power outages of several minutes in the times specified in the program below.

To minimise impact, works have been scheduled at a quieter time for the University, and in many locations on a night shift program.

In preparation, please shut down any electrical equipment that you’re able to prior to the holiday break. If you have specific research equipment that is power-sensitive or needs to run 24/7, please contact Craig Brown via email at directly to ensure arrangements can be made to manage risks and arrange a mutually workable time for testing.

Please see the program below – we expect that the testing will be completed by 19 January.

Tuesday 4 Jan 9am-4pm
  • Flinders Living Community Centre
  • Flinders Living Hall
  • Flinders Living Hall Dining and Laundry facilities
  • Registry Building
  • Professional Services Building
  • Student Hub / Union including food tenancies
  • Carpark 2,5+6 including inverter shed and parking system
Wednesday 5 Jan 9am-4pm
  • Flinders Living all Townhouses
  • Central Library
  • Matthew Flinders Theatre & Drama Centre
  • Oasis Function Centre & OCME
  • Humanities Building including Plaza facing tenancies and laneway
Thursday 6 Jan 8am-5pm
  • Flinders Childcare Centre all buildings including Sturt House
  • Palmer House & Early Intervention Centre
  • Ovals Sporting Pavilion & Alan Mitchell Sports Centre
  • Data Centre
  • Health Science
  • Health Science Lecture Theatre complex
Friday 7 Jan 6pm-2.30am
  • Sturt East Wing
  • Sturt Gym
  • Sturt Library
  • Flinders Health 2 Go Sturt
Monday 10 Jan 6pm-2.30am
  • Sturt North Wing
  • Sturt West Wing
  • Sturt South Wing
Tuesday 11 Jan 4pm-2.30am
  • Physical Sciences Level 1+ 2 + 3 specific power sensitive labs
  • Physical Sciences Level 0
  • Physical Sciences Level 1
  • South Theatres 1&2
Wednesday 12 Jan 6pm-2.30am
  • Physical Sciences Level 2
  • Physical Sciences Level 1
Thursday 13 Jan 6pm-2.30am
  • Biology Building
  • Aquaculture
  • PC2 lab + Glasshouses
Friday 14 Jan 6pm-2.30am
  • Biology Discovery Centre
  • Maintenance and Operations
  • McHughs & SILC
  • IST Building
  • Earth Science
Monday 17 Jan 6pm-2.30am
  • Social Sciences North
  • Social Sciences South including Pendopo
Tuesday 18 Jan 6pm-2.30am
  • Mark Oliphant Building
  • Student Centre including Yunggorendi
Wednesday 19 Jan 6pm-2.30am
  • Law & Commerce
  • Education Building including MPC
  • Engineering Building


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