Vehicle chargers and cranes on campus

HMRB cranes arriving soon

Two tower cranes will be arriving in the coming weeks as construction work progresses on the Health and Medical Research Building.

  • TC1 (western crane) will arrive on 18 March 2022 and installed during the following weekend
  • TC2 (eastern crane) will arrive on 8 April 2022 and installed during the following weekend

These cranes will be on site for at least the next 12 months as the building project progresses. Exclusion zones for activity undertaken by these cranes are restricted to within the work site boundary, but traffic and pedestrian management will be in place to ensure the safety of anyone passing by the building site boundary.

Traffic management will also be in place as the cranes are brought onto campus. All possible efforts will be made to restrict the impact to campus traffic flow, but we ask you please to slow down when driving and take additional care at this time.

New electric vehicle chargers in car park 2 

Two more electric vehicle chargers are now available in car park 2 (shown at right), adding to our growing number of chargers located around Bedford Park and Sturt. Staff, students and visitors can use the chargers in car parks 2, 6, 9 and 14, with a valid parking session.

The chargers are equipped with fixed cables – and some allow you to bring your own cable to plug in, with an adaptor if needed.

This addition represents another positive step forward in Flinders University’s commitment to sustainability, setting our campus up for a more sustainable future.

Closed construction sites at College of Science and Engineering

Works are continuing in the College of Science and Engineering, to enhance the College front and with demolition of the existing animal facility. Car parks 7 and 8 remain closed to facilitate these works. Please follow all signage in place and remain aware that for safety reasons there is no access through closed work sites at any time.

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