Go dry in July to support Flinders Foundation

Flinders Foundation is getting behind the Dry July campaign to raise funds that will go towards cancer wellness programs at Flinders.

If you choose to go ‘Dry’ this July – which means that you sign up to go alcohol-free for just one month – you’ll be showing your support for all people affected by cancer as you raise funds for cancer wellness programs.

The Cancer Wellness Centre is a focal point of a new program at Flinders, which is helping to ease the burden of cancer and address many of the unmet needs of patients and their families during and after cancer treatment – many of which can be lifelong.

This additional support focuses on the range of physical, educational, emotional and practical impacts cancer can often have, including fatigue, anxiety, dietary, financial and employment concerns, among others.

Make a difference by signing up to participate in Dry July at this online link.

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