Australian Census data could help your research

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is today releasing the first data from the 2021 Census of Population and Housing.

The release provides key data and insights into our population including about families, housing, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations, cultural diversity, service with the Australian Defence Force and long-term health conditions.

All of the available Census data is available through the ABS website.

An online toolkit provides information about the 2021 Census data release and a range of resources are available online (Download the 2021 Census data release toolkit) – including social media tiles and newsletter articles.

To help with your areas of research, searching the Census data can provide a simple way to understand an area at a glance. An interactive map is available to assist with your search.

Census data by topic will provide an overview of data related to the topics included in the 2021 Census. Data cubes providing national or state data for key areas of interest will be available for download.

Data Explorer is an interactive web browser interface where you can view, query and download data.

DataPacks contain comprehensive data about people, families and dwellings for all Census geographies ranging from Australia down to Statistical Area Level 1.

A range of other data products will soon be made available as part of the phased approach to releasing 2021 Census data, including GeoPackages and TableBuilder.

To help with more comprehensive analysis of the Census data, ABS will be hosting a series of virtual seminars – starting with the 2021 Census national data seminar on 7 July, which will present insights into what the 2021 Census tells us about Australia and how the nation is changing. You can register for this seminar via this online link.

In October 2022, the ABS will release data regarding how people work, study and move around the country – which will provide key insights into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our daily lives.

In 2023, the ABS will release complex data such as distance to work, socio-economic indexes for areas (SEIFA) and counts for people experiencing homelessness.

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