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Currently enrolled in Flinders’ new MBA program, Kate Ribaczkow is a lot like the students she helps advise – juggling work, studies and home life. We asked what she likes best about the MBA, and how she’s preparing for a new addition to her family in October.

What is your role and what does your work focus on?

I’m an Enrolment and Course Advisor in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and my work focuses on providing students with high quality, accurate enrolment and course planning support and advice. I’m also a key contact for both staff and students for interpretation and advice on policies and operational procedures relating to enrolments and course advice. Essentially, I step in for more complex matters and escalated issues supporting our students as well as our academic staff to come to suitable solutions.

What journey brought you to this point in your career.

I came to the University at the beginning of 2015 from various administration and Human Resource roles in the private sector under project funding in the Discipline of Health Sciences and spent the first year doing project work before securing a role there combining course advice and resource management.

I got my current position after the University wide restructure and have enjoyed it ever since, overseeing different courses and also taking on additional College work such as steering Orientation for the College and leading our Respect.Now.Always. working group.

What is something you love most about your work?

I love seeing students move through the full student lifecycle, from commencement to Graduation. Graduations are certainly a special time and I always make sure to volunteer as much time as my workload allows.

Share a bit about your experience with the Flinders MBA.

Between 2017 and 2019, I completed the Graduate Certificate component of the Masters degree and enjoyed the experience. I gained some valuable knowledge that I was able to implement immediately, such as higher level data analysis.

This year, I recommenced study in one of the new MBA programs – the MBA Future Business. The changes to the program are exciting and I’m currently completing and thoroughly enjoying the topic Ethics, Sustainability and Governance. Working constantly with students helps me relate to them, along with drawing on my own experiences as a Flinders student, while balancing work, children and the rest of life’s hurdles.

What’s your favourite story to tell about your job?

Students have come into my life after I have assisted them, and to learn from them about the impact I’ve had is very heart-warming. One of these stories was when my family booked to stay at a local holiday park in a standard cabin and were upgraded to a deluxe poolside villa. When I asked why we were lucky enough to be offered this, I was told there was a note on the system from one of their staff who had recognised my name and advocated for an upgrade due to me going above and beyond to help her and she credited me with making a huge difference in helping to achieve her goals.

I also remember when I started seeing a new massage therapist, who recognised me as the advisor that guided her to the right strategy to achieve her goal of entry into Occupational Therapy. I got to then see her complete her Masters Degree, and she is now an amazing Occupational Therapist.

What do you do with your spare time?

I’m an avid long distance and trail runner. I have run consistently since 2013 and it has brought many amazing people into my life – as well as taking me on some incredible adventures. I’ve completed two 100-mile runs in the Flinders Ranges, where I spent many hours through the night by myself and it felt very magical.

I love spending time with my husband and children, especially outdoors at the beach or on nature walks. Right now, I’m expecting a new little one in October, so there won’t be long distance running for a while!

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