Leading research on eating disorders

Flinders University Professor Marika Tiggemann, from the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work, received a lifetime achievement award at the Australia and NZ Academy for Eating Disorders annual conference held in Sydney last week.

She presented on ‘The Impact of Viewing Sexualised Imagery Posted by Instagram Influencers on Body Image and Mood Among Young Women’ – reflecting her latest work on the theme with Associate Professor Ivanka Prichard and various students, including Brydie Taylor.

Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor Tracey Wade leads Flinders University Services for Eating Disorders and the Blackbird Initiative.

Flinders University Institute for Mental Health and Wellbeing director Professor Tracey Wade conducted a half-day workshop on how to supervise professionals providing therapy to people with eating disorders (‘Becoming a Skilled Supervisor’). She also co-presented two other sessions – on how to conduct research consistent with Open Science principles, and activating families on waitlists for child and adolescent eating disorder treatment.

Flinders University PhD candidate Marcela Radunz presented a paper on how denial is one of the most significant barriers to help-seeking behaviour for people with eating disorders, and she was shortlisted for the Peter Beumont award for best PhD paper. PhD candidate Kasia Robinson presented on a Flinders University evaluation of an online perfectionism program for people with disordered eating.

Other Flinders presentations included the development of a new measure of adherence to cognitive behaviour therapy practice for eating disorders, and an evaluation of the day program at the Statewide Eating Disorder Services in South Australia.

Among other key projects led by Flinders University, Associate Professor Pritchard is research psychologist on a new film promoting positive body image attitudes among young people. The South Australian premiere of Embrace: Kids will be held on 27 August.

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