Important updates coming to Workday

A new version of Workday is being deployed to all users on 10 September, and is a requirement as part of the University’s arrangement with Workday. This update does not change how you log into Workday, but it does change some of the look and feel of Workday and provides new enhancements.

You will notice on the landing page:

  • Awaiting Your Action – this new section allows you to quickly access the three latest items in your inbox from the landing page.
  • Timely Suggestions – allows you to quickly access reminders and suggestions such as:
    • Changing your emergency, home, and work contacts.
    • Viewing your upcoming time off.
    • Viewing un-submitted timesheets.
  • Recommended For You – ables you to access information such as your profile and the team that you belong to.
  • Your Team – for people managers only, to access team reminders and actions such as birthdays, anniversaries and upcoming absences.
  • Search Function – for desktop devices only (for more information visit the Workday updates’ webpage).

This expected change to Workday has been worked on by the teams from Information and Digital Services (IDS) and People & Culture. More detailed information about these changes are on the ‘Workday updates’ webpage.

If you have any access or technical issues related to Workday, please contact the IDS Service Desk on 8201 2345.

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