Casual pay process change goes live

The new system for the scheduling and payment of casual academics will be introduced this week. The new system will be known as Casual Academic Scheduling and Payments (CASP), and covers the end-to-end schedule to payment process.

The new system replaces FlindersPro, and to accommodate different business requirements across the University, CASP will go live in stages, with the first stage starting on Friday 23 September 2022.

Casual academic staff will be able to access CASP via their Flinders University MyApps Dashboard from this date.

During the initial stage, the new system will go live according to the following steps, with further functionality being released later this year:

  1. Education Resources Officers will create work schedules for casual academics in CASP.
  2. Casual academics will receive their work schedule via email (to accept or decline) in CASP.
  3. Casual academics will be paid as per current processes (based on their work schedule) via CASP.
  4. Educations Resources Officers will enter any schedule variations (where required) in CASP.

The first pay period in CASP will be the week ending Friday 30 September.

To support this transition, a step-by-step user guide and other helpful information has been placed on a dedicated webpage, which can be accessed here. Additionally, you can view a pre-recorded virtual roadshow here which provides a system demonstration.

There are dedicated support people and processes in place to help casual academics through this transition. If you experience a system issue or need support, please refer to the support process here.

Please note during this transition period, casual academic staff may potentially receive notifications for tasks in both systems (FlindersPro and CASP) between Friday 23 September and Friday 30 September. Please ensure you action tasks received from FlindersPro and/or CASP during this time. This is a short-term requirement only as we move to the new system.

For any questions, please email CASP Support.

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