Power outages across Bedford Park

Capital works across campus include an upcoming power outage across Bedford Park campus, and a lift outage in Physical Sciences.

Planned Power Outages at Bedford Park during April

A temporary high-voltage power shut-down is required in some campus areas during April, as part of connection works for the Health and Medical Research Building. This work will involve two x 60-minute campus outages, anticipated for:

  • 7-8am, Saturday 15 April
  • 3-4pm, Sunday 16 April

Traffic management will be in place for the traffic light outage at the intersection of University Drive and Sturt Drive. Buildings affected during these periods will be:

  • Education
  • Law & Commerce
  • Social Sciences South
  • Pendopo
  • Social Sciences North
  • Humanities
  • Oasis
  • Drama Centre
  • Matthew Flinders Theatre
  • Flinders Connect
  • Library (Central & Law)
  • Student Hub (including RDS, FUSA and Flinders International)
  • Professional Services
  • Registry
  • Yungkurrinthi Trruku
  • Health, Counselling and Disability Services
  • Health Sciences
  • Alan Mitchell Sports Centre
  • Sports Pavilion
  • Health Sciences Lecture Theatre
  • Flinders Living (including University Hall)

During the weekend of April 15-16, there may also be further power outages to buildings on the North and South Ridges, due to load shedding requirements.

Please note: 

  • The power outages will affect lifts across North Ridge. Please call Security on 8201 2880 for access assistance.
  • Please make people in your areas aware of the outage. Signs will be posted in the coming weeks.
  • Please consider any booked events (such as functions, sports events and classes held by external parties) and contact organisers to arrange alternatives or postponement.
  • If relevant, please clarify with staff which power sources are on a back-up generator (for example: red vs white power switches).

We are working to minimise disruption to the campus during this time. Backup generators will be provided to Flinders Living during the two x 60 minute shutdowns to reduce impact on student accommodation.

Please contact HMRB@flinders.edu.au or lodge a Service One request if you have any events or power-sensitive equipment or research that would be affected during these periods.

Physical Sciences lift outage

A planned lift outage will in Physical Sciences on Saturday 18 March between 7am and 5pm. Please use the alternative lift in Earth Sciences to access the Physical Sciences building. Stair access from Anchor Court remains available. For all access assistance, contact Security on 8201 2880.

Pedestrian access around Physical Sciences 

Pedestrian diversions are in place around some areas of the Physical Sciences building while renewal and enhancement projects are underway. Please take additional care while moving around this precinct and follow all pedestrian diversions in place. For any access assistance, contact Security on 8201 2880.

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