Considering how to prevent war in space

Can the threat of global war spread to war in space? Flinders University’s Professor Melissa de Zwart will lead a distinguished international panel to discuss what measures can be taken to strengthen the legal framework governing military activities in space.

The international Preventing Space War Forum on May 17 – hosted by the Interplanetary Initiative at Arizona State University in the United States – hopes that by convening cross-sector, international space experts in an open dialogue about the threats of space warfare, better strategies can be designed for a more peaceful and sustainable use of space.

Professor Melissa de Zwart

Professor de Zwart, Professor of Digital Technology, Security and Governance at the Jeff Bleich Centre, is moderating the second of three panel sessions, on “Space Law and Armed Conflict”.

Livestreaming of the forum is available here – but note that the forum, being held in the ASU Barrett & O’Connor Washington Center in Washington, DC, is being held from 8am to 4pm on Wednesday May 17 in American Eastern Time – which translates to 9.30pm on Tuesday May 16, through to 5.30am on Wednesday May 17.

For further details about the forum, visit the website –

Professor de Zwart spoke about these and other space law issues in detail for the current series of Flinders University’s Fearless Research profiles, which can be read here.

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