Exploring profits vs health

The Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity is hosting an event in August that will see experts from around Australia dissect the commercial determinants of […]

Principles for pandemic preparedness

With concerns about the resurgence of COVID-19 in Melbourne and Sydney, there are key steps Australian authorities have taken to raise preparedness levels. In an editorial […]

3MT duels reach semi-finals

The annual 3 Minute Thesis competition has been proceeding with clever online presentations that have enabled the best of Flinders University’s students to continue competing, while […]

Teaching innovations born out of isolation

Flinders University’s swift adaptation and enthusiastic embrace of online teaching innovations due to enforced COVID-19 restrictions has resulted in a raft of positive interactions and teaching […]

Professor takes pregnancy health 'beyond'

Professor Claire Roberts, one of the newest Matthew Flinders Fellows to join our University, has brought the ‘Pregnancy Health and Beyond’ research team to Flinders. Professor […]

Better insulin from sea snail model

Diabetes treatments could be improved following the development of a dramatically modified form of human insulin, called ‘Mini-Ins’, that successfully mimics the ultra-fast-acting properties of cone […]

Why children should return to school

Schools must urgently reopen to stop a multigenerational chasm widening between our more advantaged children, and those from families of concentrated disadvantage, senior health education lecturer […]