Vale Dr Laurie Chitti

Sadly passing in August at the age of 50, Dr Laurie Chitti was the Flinders Uni Gastrointestinal track (GIT) Block lead and lecturer for MD2 for about 8 years and pivotal to setting up the Flinders Northern Territory Medical Program (NTMP) and introducing GIT teaching in the NT. Ex- Flinders colleague Emily Horsburgh, who was the MD2 Administrator when he was with Flinders reminisced his great sense of humour and was always so organised and professional. He was someone you would bend over backwards to help.

In addition to his busy clinical work, Dr Laurie Chitti was the coordinator of the Gastrointestinal (GIT) block for MD2 for approximately 8 years. This saw him responsible for bringing together his colleagues to present specialist teaching, revise PBL cases, give briefings to tutors, write and mark examinations. Laurie was thorough, organised and professional in his delivery of the unit, and met students, academic and professional staff alike with his infectious smile. He was integral to the launch of the MD2 program in the NTMP ensuring his team met the demands of delivering specialist teaching across sites, meeting changing goalposts with patience, thoughtful consideration, and good humour. Laurie was an inspiring colleague who set an example of going above and beyond with humility and zest. His contribution to the MD program is highly valued and he will be warmly remembered by the many students, tutors, teaching and professional staff whose lives he touched.

– Emily Horsburgh –
Previous Doctor of Medicine Year 2 Administrator

Laurie Chitti was an exceptional Physician and Gastroenterologist who was much loved and respected by colleagues and patients alike. His sharp intelligence, compassion and sense of humour made him an ideal and relatable clinician, who was always willing and able to bring a sense of perspective and optimism to those around him.

His leadership qualities and highly effective communication skills made Laurie’s work as Director of Physician training impactful in the lives of many junior doctors. Those who were fortunate enough to experience the mentorship that came very naturally to Laurie will never forget nor take for granted the positive effect he had on our lives and careers.

Laurie was involved in the establishment of the first specialised Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Service in South Australia, and his clinical wisdom and contribution to IBD care will always be valued and remembered by grateful patients. His high level of technical skill coupled with his calm and reassuring manner made Laurie an exceptional endoscopist, improving short and long term outcomes for countless people in our community.

Laurie is greatly missed by fellow Gastroenterologists, IBD and Endoscopy nurses, Trainees, Researchers and patients. We all feel privileged however, to have been touched by the life and work of this extraordinary person and physician.

Dr Réme Mountifield MBBS (Hons) FRACP PhD –
Head, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service  |  Consultant Gastroenterologist
Southern Adelaide Local Heath Network, Flinders Medical Centre

We acknowledge that sad news will be very upsetting and triggering for many staff and students. So please, be kind to one another through this period of grief. A reminder that staff can access the Employee Assistant Program (EAP) in an entirely confidential manner, while for students there are a range of support services available at the Health & Wellbeing page.

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