CRH Launches New Online Learning Module: Conducting Medical Telephone Consultations

Conducting Medical Telephone Consultations - Scenario 1
Conducting Medical Telephone Consultations – Scenario 1

The Centre for Remote Health (CRH) has launched a new innovative online learning module ‘Conducting Medical Telephone Consultations’, designed to improve the telehone consultation skills of Remote Area Nurses (RANs).

RANs often work in communities without resident doctors and are required to conduct medical consultations with doctors by telephone. This online learning module will help to develop and improve these telephone consultation skills.

Academic Leader at CRH, Associate Professor Sue Lenthall said “In the days before phones in remote communities, RANs learned to conduct medical consults over the radio by listening to others. With the introduction of phones, this unique learning experience disappeared. The RANs need to maintain a relationship with the doctor whilst obtaining a safe and appropriate outcome for the patient. The learning module allows RANs to listen to a variety of different medical consultations including a patient with Rheumatic Fever and a child with abdominal pain”.

The online learning module was made possible through funding from the Rural Health Continuing Education Stream Two (RHCE2) Program and is provided free of charge. Click here to find out more about this course

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