First Aid for wildlife bushfire victims

Centre for Remote Health (CRH) in Alice Springs has been busy sending off expired stock of first aid bandages and dressings, to help wildlife injured in the recent bushfires across Australia.

When the organisation’s vehicle first-aid kits were replenished by St John NT late last year, there were many unused bandages and dressings that had reached or were close to their use-by-date.

The idea of donating these to the RSPCA came to CRH employee Julie D’Bras as she watched the summer’s devastating bushfires unfold causing not only the loss of human lives and homes, and the loss of over a billion wildlife, but also leaving thousands of wounded animals needing medical care and ongoing treatment.

After consultation with a local vet and with the help of St John NT and other organisations and clinics around Alice Springs, CRH has sent over 100kg of expired, unopened stock of bandages, dressings and other first aid supplies to RSPCA NSW.

The donations team at the RSPCA say they are “absolutely loving the kind donations which have been distributed amongst the vet clinic, shelter and foster team”.

Thanks to all who are making this ongoing project possible.

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