Promoting careers in health to high school students

This month Dr Danny Tsai, Rural Pharmacy Liaison Officer and Adjunct Lecturer at the Centre for Remote Health, visited two groups of senior science students at St Philips College in Alice Springs, to raise awareness of Antiobiotic Resistance and to promote healthcare professions, particularly pharmacy.

This is the first in a series of high school engagement activities initiated by the Centre for Remote Health Placement Team.

The interactive session with Year-12 biology students included a case study of a patient with an open wound, who presented to a regional hospital emergency department.

The case study examined:
• Infection diagnosis
• how pathology scientists identified the bacteria
• identification of antibiotics that the bacteria was resistant to
• how antibiotic resistance leads to undesirable clinical outcomes, and
• how resistance is becoming a tremendous burden in global health systems.

Danny also discussed pharmacy career paths and the role of a pharmacist in community and hospital settings.

The sessions ended with an online interactive quiz and the winners were each awarded with a gift from Flinders University. Congratulations to the winners, Linda and Banjo!

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