Introducing Epigeum Research Integrity Module


Suitable for postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and early-career researchers across all major disciplines, Research Integrity delivers comprehensive training to minimise the risk of integrity breaches, increase confidence in published works, and support funding agency requirements. Research Integrity has been comprehensively rewritten and restructured
to deliver the most up-to-date training on the principles, practices, and responsibilities of every researcher throughout the research lifecycle – integrating the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018).

The module helps researchers to:

  • Fully address the principles and responsibilities outlined in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018), plus key legislation and guidelines that apply to research in Australia
  • Reinforce the practical implications of the Code, and relate training to researchers’ unique circumstances, with discipline-specific content, including video interviews, scenario-based activities, and polls
  • Extend learning via additional links, resource banks, and references, then test understanding via summative, multiple-choice quizzes, which generate certificates that can be used as evidence of course completion

The Module is available to all researchers, and instructions to register with the relevant token are included below. For any questions, please get in touch with

Core modules:

  • The Responsible Conduct of Research
  • When Things Go Wrong: Breaches of the Code
  • Planning Your Research
  • Managing and Recording Your Research
  • Data Selection, Analysis and Presentation
  • Scholarly Publications
  • Professional Responsibilities
  • Communication and Social Responsibility

Supplementary modules:

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Responsible Conduct of Human Participants Research
  • The Care and Use of Animals in Research
  • Intellectual Property
  • Export Controls

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