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“My time at Flinders University was one of the most important chapters in my life book,” says Flinders Civil Engineering alumnus Ben Bai. “I feel pretty honoured – Flinders University helped me to get where I am.”

Internationally accredited degrees

“I chose to study at Flinders University because of its high world rankings and because the engineering degrees are accredited by Engineers Australia,” says Ben. “My degree had the most up to date course curriculum and I discovered that Civil Engineering had more job opportunities and work available.”

“I graduated in 2018 and I was one of the first graduates of the Master of Civil Engineering,” he says. “I got a job straight away – so I think it reflects really well on the strength of the degree and teaching within it. It’s brilliant.”

Life-changing work placements

Ben’s story shows how dedication and hard work during your studies and placement can yield personal and professional rewards. “When you do your work placement, do your best and try to communicate with people. Keep a good network and treat that as your job.”

Sound advice – Ben graduated from his degree and started working at City West Torrens Council. It was a position he came into after interning with the council for his placement.

“I started my placement here at City West Torrens, and continued working through my degree as a casual,” says Ben of his placement. “When I graduated they gave me a full-time role in the head office and now I’m working as Asset and Project Engineer.”

Quality student support and teaching excellence

“The teachers are excellent,” Ben says of the lecturers and academic and staff.

“They are kind and patient – and very helpful. Whenever I had a question they would answer me straight away – and offering their extra time if I needed more help.” The warm and welcoming academic environment was a change of pace for the Chinese student.

“I would say that I found Flinders more friendly and welcoming than my previous uni. It’s just really friendly for international students.”

Life in Adelaide

“I love the work/life balance in Adelaide. I just think it’s a great city and I love working and living here,” says Ben of his adopted city. “I just got permanent residency, everyone is friendly and I found a job here – so I’m really happy.”

“I play piano in my spare time, it’s a good focus for studying and relaxing.”

The diversity of cultures in Adelaide appealed to Ben on a personal level, and the safety and friendliness of the city and campus made an ideal student experience.

“I love the culture here and it’s a great environment to study in – and thrive.”

Learn industry-ready skills

“Flinders taught me to adapt to changes and embrace challenges by thinking big and going beyond the ordinary,” says Ben. Flinders’ aims to create an environment where innovation and personal enterprise are paramount – from beginning to end.

“I think the soft skills like communication were really helpful and important to me,” says Ben of his time at Flinders. “They gave us a lot of presentations to do and group assignments – they helped me express myself, and learn the importance of teamwork.”

This kind of collaboration set Ben up to be future-ready and prepared when he stepped into his industry job. “It’s going to be slightly different in real life than at uni, but it did teach me to have a good attitude and to always be positive – skills that I have transferred into real life.”

“My degree gave me academic knowledge as well as the ability to adapt to the mixed culture and lifestyle in Australia – and how to interact professionally in the work environment.”

Flinders Civil Engineering Alumnus
Ben Bai on the job

Advice from an alumnus

Looking to expand his career options, Ben decided to study a Master of Civil Engineering at Flinders, after a great deal of research. “My postgraduate degree broadened my expertise quite considerably,” he says. “If I had just stuck with my undergraduate degree I wouldn’t be in the position I am now.”

For his fellow international students, Ben thinks it’s a smart decision. “I would recommend Flinders to an international student as a great university that offers a wide range of courses that will provide you with job-ready expertise,” he says. His final takeaway for prospective students?

“The teachers. I just want to mention it again they are really kind and patient and very helpful,” says Ben. “To be in Flinders University, that is the most important step.”

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