‘Communication a blessing’ for Speech Pathology student Dixie

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“I get to help many people who suffer from communication disorders,” says Dixie Song, Flinders Bachelor of Speech Pathology student. “I chose this path because I have seen my family members suffer from voice disorders and through watching them, I thought being able to communicate with others is truly a blessing.”

Adelaide lifestyle

Dixie primarily chose “…to study in Adelaide because my family lives here.” She loves the peaceful environment, an ideal city for students living and studying. “Everything has made my life great in Adelaide; my friends, church community, family, and being able to study what I always wanted to study!”

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Why choose Flinders?

Dixie chose to study Speech Pathology at Flinders due to the maturity of the degree; and the teaching experience of the academics and lecturers in the course.

“My study aims to assess, treat, diagnose, and prevent adults and children of all ages who suffer from speech, language, social or cognitive-communication – as well as swallowing problems.”

The Korean student plans to work across a variety of specialisations in her future career. “I want to study and work so I can help people in many areas,” she says, aiming to be “…working as a speech pathologist and studying child trauma in five years.”

The Flinders learning experience

Dixie’s learning experience at Flinders had a curveball thrown at it, alongside the rest of the world, with the onset of the pandemic. “Due to COVID-19, I couldn’t have the normal learning experience at Flinders,” she explains. “However, the first few weeks of learning in Flinders was so much fun! Especially learning more in-depth about my course; everything about it excited me the most.”

Classes and lectures were swiftly moved online before isolation came into place, and as restrictions ease in South Australia, Dixie is looking forward to getting back to face-to-face learning on campus for Semester 2, July 2020.

Flinders International
The Hub, Flinders Bedford Park Campus

Facilities and the on-campus experience

“The environment in Flinders is great! I love peaceful and quiet areas and there are many quiet places I can find which really makes me happy,” says Dixie. “There are also wildlife and animals that can be seen sometimes around campus which is amazing!”

Set across a sprawling hilltop, Flinders Bedford Park campus is a green haven for students. “Flinders also provides many services such as counselling and academic support,” she says. “For students who have difficulties in studying, exams, writing essays, etc.” This is especially important for international students, she stresses.

A keen volleyball fan, Dixie has enjoyed being able to play her favourite sport as a stress reliever. “It’s made my time here better. Studying is difficult and stressful but being able to play volleyball in the gym really helped me mentally and physically.”

Flinders Bedford Park Campus

Advice for prospective international students?

“I recommend you studying in Flinders because Flinders university is beautiful and there are so many courses you can choose from,” says Dixie, insisting it’s worthwhile to be placed just outside the city. “The view out to sea is incredible; it is so peaceful and green. There are many clubs and sports facilities available, and I think these experiences will help make lots of new friends!”

For Dixie, the final word of advice comes down to the supportive community.

“When studying at Flinders, it is always important to remember that you are not alone. There are so many people who are willing to help with your journey.”

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