Passion and community perfect mix for international Psychology student Isha

International Psychology Student Isha


International psychology student Isha Li is fascinated by discovering how the brain functions, and believes Flinders University is setting her up for a successful career as a psychologist. Since moving to Adelaide from Hong Kong in 2016, Isha has soaked up all South Australia has to offer and is excited to be studying what she loves.

“What excites me in this field would be understanding how our brain works,” says Isha. “I’m really interested in brain function and sleep, however, my goal in studying psychology is to be a psychologist or therapist.”

Why study Psychology at Flinders?

Students studying Psychological Science with Flinders gain access to facilities including up to 20 research laboratories. Students study psychological learning topics such as personality, emotion, development, social, cultural, biological influences, and mental health.

“Psychology is about researching and coming up with questions and solving them, so it helps the general public,” says Isha. “It is a really fun and interesting subject if you enjoy learning about the human mind and behaviour. It includes cognitive behaviour, sleep, neuroscience (the brain), memory and developmental (life span).”

Isha has a 5-year study plan with Flinders that will see her finish her current degree, then study honours and finish with a Master of Psychology (Clinical). She believes this is the best way to one day attain her dream job within the industry.

“I see my studies can take me to my dream job – in school psychologist,” says Isha. “In 5 years, I will be a Master’s graduate, working as a school psychologist, and aim to study a PhD while working.”

Inspiring and supportive teaching staff

The teaching staff at Flinders have proven to be very helpful to Isha, making her feel confident and supported throughout her studies.

“The lecturers are really supportive and try their best to come up with ideas to assist us in understanding concepts and answer our questions,” says Isha. “When there is an assignment, lecturers will spend an hour explaining all the details that we need to take note of.”

Throughout her time at Flinders, Isha has been impressed by what the university offers students, not only in an academic setting but also outside of the classroom.

Flinders University Bedford Park Campus
Flinders University Bedford Park Campus

Incredible Australian campus experience

“If you are looking to study in an amazing environment, surrounded by greenery and interesting, friendly people, Flinders University is the way to go,” says Isha.

“My learning experience at Flinders is great. The most exciting thing for me is meeting new people that have similar interests. I am also in a sporting club – Volleyball. I have enjoyed my past couple of years.”

Join us on campus at Flinders!
Students on campus

Inclusive and friendly international student culture

As an international student, what has impressed Isha the most is the variety of inclusive activities and services Flinders offers.

“Flinders offers a lot of activities for international students such as a field trip to Kangaroo Island, the Adelaide Zoo, and Victor Harbor,” says Isha. “Flinders has a lot of clubs, such as volleyball, frisbee, Japanese, French, LGBTQI+, photography, and many more.”

Adelaide lifestyle wonderful for international students

Adelaide has become a wonderful home base for Isha who enjoys the quiet lifestyle that can be achieved here and the geographical diversity that allows for new experiences.

“Adelaide has a really good study environment with not many distractions compared to Melbourne and Sydney,” says Isha. “What has made life here great would be the environment, beaches, lookouts, and the rural areas. It’s really easy to get around Adelaide. Trams, buses, and trains can get you places far away from the city. Flinders also has a new train line, which takes 22 minutes to get to the city –  meaning many students can get to university much easier.”

Opportunities for personal and professional growth

Isha is part of the Flinders International Student As Partner (FISAP) program, which is a student volunteer program. She uses her experience as an international student who has been in Australia since she was in high school to guide new international students with her knowledge.

“The reason why I applied for FISAP is because I enjoy helping people. I get to share my very own experience of being here since 14,” Isha says as an onshore international student.

“I have found the international student community has been supportive, and there were a lot of activities for us to participate in. I want to interact with new international students, making them feel involved in the Flinders international student community.”

Supportive services and caring staff

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges for all students, but in particular international students, many of whom have felt isolated from their families. Fortunately, students like Isha were available to encourage fellow international students to access many of Flinders’ support networks.

“For mental health, remember, it’s okay not to be okay,” says Isha. “If you are struggling with mental health, such as sadness, fear, or stress, please talk to someone you trust. You may feel you’re not sure what to do, and that is why ISS (International Student Services) and FISAP exist, we are all here to help you.”

The wide range of free International student support systems include; health and wellbeing, study and learning, financial support and assistance, careers and employment, and many more. You can find more information on the support offered by clicking here.

For those considering studying at Flinders, Isha’s advice is simple.

“If you want to have an unreal university experience, Flinders University is the way to go!”

Interested in pursuing a career in Psychology like Isha? Be Fearless and find out more about studying Psychology at Flinders University here. 

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