Fridays at the Library: Reflection, Science & the Virtues

reflection4Reflections on ‘reflection’ from philosopher and former science teacher, Tony Gibbons, author of the recently-published book Reflection, Science and the Virtues.

The word ‘reflection’ and its synonyms are scattered like confetti throughout the pages of curriculum documents, research reports and  political statements. One is hard-pressed to find in any of the documents which use the word some account of what it means to reflect.

By not saying what they mean by the word are writers supposing that it is synonymous with reason and reasoning?

Tony Gibbons explains why he thinks there is the real possibility that this means there is a serious flaw embedded in much educational research, and in many curriculum documents and administrative pronouncements.

Friday 11 September 2009 at 3.30pm in the Noel Stockdale Room.

All welcome, admission free, light refreshments served.

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