Upcoming Library Research presentations – July 2020

16th July – Digitisation as a cultural practice: infrastructure and the immersive literary experience with Dr Tully Barnett  

Dr Tully Barnett considers digitisation as a cultural practice and asks what is the impact of digitisation and digitalisation on reading, book cultures and the literary experience. Reading studies (and Librarians) have much to learn from digital humanities, comparative textual media studies and infrastructure studies approaches and, important, the reverse is also true.

She analyses examples of digitized objects where the material qualities of the original book disrupt the digitality of the digitized book and inflects this analysis with a growing body of interviews with librarians, project managers and technicians about the process of digitization practices.

This session will be presented online on Thursday 16th July from 11am to 1pm and a link will be sent to participants prior to the session.

Registration is via iEnrol. For any queries please contact mary.filsell@flinders.edu.au

29th July – Wiley Digital Archives: The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland 

Flinders Library invites you to this introduction to the Wiley Digital Archives: The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland database. As well as featuring content from the Royal Anthropological Institute, this session touches more broadly on current online archival research practices.

The session includes a demonstration of the digital archive and, in particular, the new data visualisation hub. Wiley will also outline research projects (including interdisciplinary collaborations) that have made use of this archive.

Come along, hear about new projects in this sphere, and discuss your own archival research interests and support needs with Wiley and the Library: https://ienrol.flinders.edu.au/index.php/course/FLWD.

For any queries please contact researchlibrarians@flinders.edu.au

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