Featured Database: Drama Online

Drama Online features plays ranging from Aeschylus to the present day. It includes live performances, film adaptations, audio plays, translated works, scholarly and critical editions, first […]

Featured Database: EconLit

EconLit covers economics literature published over the last 130 years from leading institutions in 74 countries.  It features over 1.6 million records, including: Peer-reviewed articles from […]

Featured Database: EduTV

EduTV is an online TV streaming resource designed for Australian tertiary institutions. It offers ad-free access to over 30,000 programs from free-to-air and pay TV including […]

Featured Database: ScienceDirect

ScienceDirect is an indexed and abstracted database of peer-reviewed scientific and medical research. It contains over 18 million articles and book chapters, 2,650 peer-reviewed journals and […]

Introducing Libraries SA Digital

For Leisure, For Life, For Learning Flinders University Library is pleased to promote a selection of digital leisure, wellbeing and career resources purchased and curated the […]