PPE Testing Facility

A dedicated Australian PPE testing facility has been set up through a collaboration between the South Australian Government, Flinders University and UniSA, within the MDRI labs at Tonsley. The facility has already begun testing, with local manufacturer Detmold Group and healthcare supplier Frontline Products.

Thanks to a grant from Flinders Foundation the facility is also able to test protective gowns. The grant funding has provided equipment and initial staffing, where gown fabrics can be tested for their resistance to blood-borne pathogens, as well as undergoing impact penetration and hydrostatic pressure tests for fluids. Up to now, gowns have been sent overseas to undergo strict manufacturing and testing standards. But the new Tonsley-based facility aims to fast-track the process for Australian-based manufacturers and ensure good quality, safe PPE is available to our hospitals faster, keeping healthcare workers safe from COVID-19 and other infections.

Enquiries for mask and/or gown testing can be forwarded to MDRI@flinders.edu.au

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