Get to know your College: Karlie James, 2nd year Medicine student, Darwin

Karlie James

Karlie is a second year Medicine student, based in Darwin. Born and bred in the Territory, she has had an interest in studying medicine since her teenage years and is driven by her steadfast desire to give back to her community.

“Having more Indigenous doctors will create more culturally appropriate and safe health care services in our communities,” she says.

Karlie is also determined to be a role model to her children. “I have four sons (aged 2, 5, 7 and 12 years old). One was very sick with blood cancer (leukemia) and is almost finished treatment. I kept at my studies even after he was diagnosed. I did this as I know that my studies will lead to a brighter future for my children.”

Karlie preferenced her studies at Flinders because of our high reputation in teaching, our dedication to rural and remote health and the added bonus of a campus based in her hometown of Darwin. Through the Flinders NT medical program, she is able to develop firsthand medical training and experience on a range of medical issues, in particular Indigenous health issues.

“I’ll be honest,” she reflects, “life at the moment isn’t easy. With four young children I require a strict routine in order to keep up with weekly content and assessments. I have to schedule everything!

“But studying medicine is an amazing journey with a rich blend of theory and practical skills. I have already gained many basic skills and, honestly, I’m excited with how much more I can learn.

“I just hope more of our mob take the leap into medicine. It is such a privilege. And my children are proud of what I have achieved so far… just imagine how much more so they will be in a few years’ time!”

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