Postdoc CEO of Pharmaceutical Company

Dr Ramiz Boulos from the Flinders Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology has successfully started his own Pharmaceutical Company focused upon the design and development of novel antibiotics, research which he started in his honours year.

The idea began with a project entitled ‘Mechanosensitive ion channels as novel targets for antibacterial agents’. By using computer modelling and lab testing, Ramiz was involved in the discovery of a new class of antibacterials that activate the channel and allow bacteria to ‘throw up’ weakening them and inhibiting their growth. The antibacterials were also effective against superbugs such as ‘golden staph’, which no longer respond to the last line of defence antibiotics such as vancomycin. Ramiz acquired the IP from the university and obtained a successful patent of his product. After many years of phone calls, emails, meetings, attending networking events and applying for grants, Ramiz finally got a breakthrough, he made some vital contacts at a conference in the US and floated his business idea on crowdsourcing site ‘GoFundMe’. In January 2013, the Company was valued at more than $30 million dollars and is currently open for investment.

Boulos and Cooper Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd has consolidated a great idea and many years of hard work into a fully operational company. Dr Boulos will continue to work part time as a PostDoc at Flinders University whilst running his company, along with his wife Chloe Cooper as director.

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