Recent NanoCentre PhD graduates are 2015 South Australian Science Excellenc...

Congratulations are in order for two of our NanoCentre PhD graduates, Dr Katherine Moore, and Dr Christiaan Ridings, who are 2015 South Australian Science Excellence Awards finalists in the category of PhD Research Excellence. The awards showcase the critical importance of science and research to the development of industry and society as a whole, and compliment the national Prime Minister’s Prize’s for Science. Flinders University and the NanoCentre have previously seen success in this award category, with Dr Daniel Tune winning the prize in 2014 for his work with single-walled carbon nanotube photovoltaics. The 2015 winner will be announced during science Week, August 13, along with winners in other categories, such as the South Australian Scientist of the Year and Early Career STEM Educator of the Year, for which Dr Maria Parappilly is nominated.

Residential rechargeable batteries: past, present and future

The drawback of many renewable energy sources is that the power produced is intermittent (wind, solar) and peak energy generation rarely matches peak usage. The recent announcement by Tesla of the Li-ion based residential battery storage system the Powerwall has many people considering going off the grid and relying upon their solar panels to generate their electricity, storing it with their own battery and using it on demand.